We have been to Hemsedal soo many times :-). We usually go with good friends to huts, and this makes it an ideal holiday for the whole family.

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We have been many times to Trysil and enjoy this place as much as Hemsedal. It is really good for kida and we have many wonderful memoreis from here.

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We were soo lucky to be able to rent this hut from a friend. The hut is beautiful and has a beaufiful view.

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Tryvan - Oslo

With close family in Oslo it is great to go to Tryvan. We go here every year, but when the boys were small we were there for a whole week skiing as much as it was possible with two small boys.

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We've been to Austria a couple of times and we look forward to going again at a later time.

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Czech Republic

Once we've been here, in the biginning of our "skiing careers". Lots of snot, ok slopes, food not soo good, but good company :-).

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